Moonlight in English

Dear worldwide Moonlight fan community,

At Moonlightline en Español the Latinamerican and Spanish Moonlight fans are leading a worldwide campaign of money donations to the Internacional Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, in international support of the renewal of the series. We want to call the attention of the US TV media to the worldwide Moonlight fan community and their wish to continue watching Moonlight on their TVs, joining the philanthropic activities that US Moonlight fans have been conducting for the same purposes. We plan to inform the media and the TV networks and cable channels in the US about what we achieve in the campaign, base don a report produced by the Federation.

Instructions to donate

When to donate

The donations will occur on the 28th of September, 2008, as one of the celebrations of the anniversary of Moonlight’s premiere in the United States. Nevertheless, considering time differences and the lack of banking activities on that day, which is a Sunday, donations can be extended to 09/29/08.

If for whatever reason you wish to make a donation before those days, please follow the same instructions indicated below.

How to donate

1. Donations with a credit card

To make your donation click on the following link to enter the web page of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and follow the instructions there. The instructions are in several languages, including English.

Very important: Write “Moonlight” in the space provided for “Company name” (this is a necessary requirement for the Federation to be able to track the origin of the donations and certify them).

When you complete the stops indicated by the Federation, you will receive an automatic Electronic message to verify that your donation has been received. Please re-send this message to , so all the fans can follow, almost simultaneously, the partial totals of the funds as they are added up.

The Federation will ultimately certify the grand total and will send a unique certificate to us, once the final donation amount is computed.

2. Donations without a credit card

If for any reason whatsoever you can not make the donation with a credit card, you can donate at the local Red Cross chapter in your country. The link to the information about how to donate in your country is also on the Federation page indicated above.

Make your donation as your local Red Cross chapter requires, and make sure you get the proper certificate.

Please re-send an electronic copy of this certificate to, so all the fans can follow, almost simultaneously, the partial totals of the funds as they are added up.

Who receives the donations when they are made to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

The donations are made directly to the Federation for its several programs around the world. When you make a donation through its web page you can choose to which program you want your donation to go.

Anybody needing information about the community work and the functioning of the organization can find it in the following web site, available in English, French and Spanish.

70 Responses to “Moonlight in English”

  1. Great idea!! I’m definitely in. There is a down-drop box indicating where we want the funds to go. Do we choose any specific one, where most needed or one of our own choice? Also the extended date should be 9/29/08, right?

  2. I’m in! I will be donating on 9/28/08. Thanks so much for organizing this wonderful and worthwhile effort. Moonlight is much more than just a tv show.


  3. Many, many thanks to the organizers of this drive! I feel privileged to be able to participate in such a worthwhile project to support our Moonlight. Vampire Solidarity

  4. Whoops, I left a comment on the first page – no wonder the others were not in English! I am so in! Just a wonderful idea to do this worldwide in the name of something special that brought us all together. Love it!

  5. silca and all organizers of this wonderful effort,
    thank you so much for all of your work on this effort! What an incredible idea and a wonderful way in which to celebrate the anniversary of Moonlight and the caring, global community that it has brought to life.
    I will be donating on Sept. 28, grateful for the love that is Moonlight, Alex, and the Moonlight family.
    Abrazos a todas y Vampire Solidarity Rah! Rah! Rah!
    (aka twilightbloom)

  6. silcba and all organizers of this wonderful campaign,
    thank you so much for all of your work on this effort! What an incredible idea and a wonderful way in which to celebrate the anniversary of Moonlight and the caring, global community that it has brought to life.
    I will be donating on Sept. 28, grateful for the love that is Moonlight, Alex, and the Moonlight family.
    Abrazos a todas y Vampire Solidarity Rah! Rah! Rah!
    (aka twilightbloom)

  7. Thanks for your comments, Martha, Laura, Joan, Terry, and Sandy, and an answer for Martha:

    It is SO great to receive this feedback on the campaign. Let’s make the ML community proud and tell the world how much we love Moonlight and the kind of good it makes us do!
    Martha Says:
    …There is a down-drop box indicating where we want the funds to go. Do we choose any specific one…?
    And Martha, One of the most wonderful things about donating to the International Federation is that each donor can choose where he/she wants the money to go. Let’s choose what each of us believes in!


  8. This is one of the most wonderful ways to show love around the world and keep Moonlight in our hearts. I will be passing it on to my readers in the next issue of “Arabella & Co.”. Let me know what else I can do. Love you all.

  9. Thanks Arabella! This is wonderful help. We need all Moonlight fans to get the info. A TIGHT Latinamerican hug for you.


  10. Lynn Crammond Says:

    I’m in as well – have it written on my calendar! Great way to honor Moonlight and the cast, plus it will make a sad day beeter for us fans!

  11. Great Lynn!

    Help us get more people motivated, maybe not only Monlight fans but friends and family. Anybody can enjoy donating to the Red Cross for emergencies worldwide. and maybe our friends and family can also enjoy helping us support the come back of our beloved Moonlight.

  12. Angelo Salvador Says:


  13. Qatar! WOW. This is great Angelo. Don’t worry. As long as you have a credit card and the internet at hand, the Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies will get your donation. Use the links here and the instructions on their page and ours.

  14. From Doha!!!
    Oh Moonlight what a wonderful show, what a celebration day we will have!!
    Fans of all over the world are helping to help other persons in need, and we are so glad to do it.

    Because Moonlight has united the world

  15. Nva_gvup_Mick Says:

    I’m in. Thanks for putting this effort together, Silca and other organizers!
    I’m not sure I understand the instructions completely. Let me get this straight. I put in the C/C info for the donation but it will not go through until 9/28 or 9/29?

  16. Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for joining.

    You actually meke the donation on the 28th, and send us the copy of the certificate when you receive it electronically from the Red Cross (the Email adddress is indicated in the instructions). If you make the donation before the 28th for some reason, you follow extactly the same instructions, and we will be computing totals here, on our web page.

  17. Nva_gvup_Mick Says:

    Oops, I just did the donation just now with the name Moonlight as the company. And emailed to Hope it’ll get counted. My last name is Tran

  18. It is already counted Nva. Don’ worry. There is the possibility for people to donate right now, if they want to do it for any reason now instead of waiting for the 28th or 29th. As long as they follow the instructions, donations will be counted for the campaign. Thanks a lot!

  19. SaveMoonlightPlease Says:

    Claudia and All participants,
    I am so proud of everyone! This really shows that MOONLIGHT is indeed an International Language. For all the wonderful moments MOONLIGHT gave to us…we now give back to all our communities in the best way we ever could. We honor all the cast, crew, writers and all involved with bringing MOONLIGHT to the WORLD. It is my honor to be involved with such a touching tribute…thank you for making this possible and hugs to all!!


  20. I felt I needed to donate today as I read in the city paper that the Red Cross is really hurting for donations right now with all the hurricanes recently. This will still count towards the Moonlight count I hope, because that is what inspired me to do this.

  21. Thanks SO much for your encouragement Jaime. Moonlight is powerful, and it continues moving us to constructive action.

    And YES Mickgranny. If you followed the instructions to the letter, your donation is already added to the total amount in our account and the International Federation will report about it after the event. Thanks a lot!

  22. Every donation that you do to the Red Cross has its certification please don’t forget to send it to our e-mail addres in order to add all the donations in a general ML account.

  23. Thanks, it is so good for us UK fans to be able to join in with this, I will donate on the 28th…VSRRR

  24. Great Geraldine. We hope any UK fans will join this fabulous day to remember Moonlight and remind the TV people in the US that fans all over the world are waiting for it to return. What better way to do that than to help communities in need!

  25. By the way, what I ment in my previous message was “We hope MANY UK fans will join…”

    All Moonlight fans are invited and even urged to participate! The amount of the donation is not what is important, but that many people show their love for Moonlight and their desire to help people because of that love.

    We will be helping people around the world, and the entertainment media in the US will get a report of the results of the campaign and of the size of the sample of Moonlight fans around the world who are waiting for Moonlight to reappear.

  26. Hello from Colorado, USA. This is a wonderful idea, I will deffinately be making a donation on 9/28.

  27. This is so amazing, you should be so proud of what you are doing!

    And this is truly a global movement – the Ozlighters are right here to support you all the way!


    Aussie Fans of Moonlight

  28. Dear Heather and Emjay,

    Thanks SO much. Together we can make this huge!

  29. I’m from Germany and I will be definitely in, too! Yesterday, there was the last episode of ML on german TV and I’m sooo sad 😦
    I hope a lot of people will join this campaign because it’s for a good reason, too!

  30. You are right Verena. Help us motivate more Grman fans to join us in a HUGE statement to the US media and the US TV people. We want more Moonlight; and while we wait for it to come back, we help people in need around the world.

  31. Great idea, I’m from Britain and we want moonlight back on our screens. Our last epsiode was back in May – I’ve listen to the cast’s interviews and they had great ideas for season 2 – alex even learnt how to play the trumpet! Lets hope Joel and Warner Bros and the other USA networks sit up & take notice of this campaign – saving lives to save our show!
    I’m definitely in and will donate on the 28th sept.
    janet aka janwoo

  32. Vivian Flemens Says:

    I will definitely do this…what a great idea…not only does it benefit a great cause , but brings awareness to our great Moonlight……thanks for organizing this !!!

  33. I’m definitely in! Thank goodness there are charitable ways to show we (all 8 million of us) are not wavering in our continued support for Moonlight and hope of its eventual return!

  34. Great idea!!! Bring MOONLIGHT BACK!!

  35. I’m so donating this weekend!!! “Moonlight” is not backing down, and not going away quietly, either! I hope this money benefits many people around the world!!! *Vampire solidarity, rah, rah, rah!*

  36. In the name of “Moonlight”, I will be donating to this worthwhile organization. Hope a lot of money is raised on Sunday. Thanks for putting this together!

  37. how much money is raised right now? would be interesting 🙂

  38. Verena, you could always find the information here in the front page, but I put it again here just in case:

    09/27/08 2005.32 USD
    How many fans has already made the donation?
    09/27/08: The donors are 37.-

  39. I just re-sent an email to my ENTIRE email address list, imploring them to make even the smallest donation this weekend.

    I then went online and did so myself! Ah, what sweet satisfaction it is to know in your heart that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, in the life and wellbeing of an entire community!

    Thank you for organizing and doing this tremendous work in the name of Moonlight! I hope we can raise awareness for both causes and spread our Moonlight Love worldwide!

  40. oops…i’m blind 😉 hope there will be more donations tomorrow!!!

  41. Diane Scott Says:

    I will be donating money to the Red Cross on September 28, 2008 in the
    name of Moonlighting.


  42. I will also be donating to this wonderful cause.

  43. Thanks for this wonderful campaign. I am so proud to be part of it. Moonlight forever !!

  44. Hi I made my donation today the 27th will it be counted with the donations on the 28th? I put moonlight as the corporate name..

  45. Of course Judy Albert all the donations that fans are mading count in the total. So if you just sent the confirmation e mail to , sure yours is been added.

  46. Thanks for everything … I am so excited about this campaign & it was my pleasure to donate … I hope TPTB notice our loyality to moonlight ..

  47. Well, here we are. It is Sept. 28th. HAve you all made your donation? Look at the opening page at this site often to see how the account is going.

    Happy ML anniversary!

  48. Happy ML Anniversary!! I made my donation and forwarded the receipt email. Can’t wait to find out the grand total!! Woo Hoo go ML fans.

  49. Debi Bell, GEMG Says:

    It has also been my pleasure to participate in this worldwide effort. I know that my donation will go to a worthy cause and will help someone in need. “Moonlight” not only changed my life but has inspired me along with countless other fans to give willing to help change the lives of those in dire need. Thank you “Moonlight” for inspiring me!

  50. well…i have a question. it’s named that …USD are donated. but how you count the donations in euro (€) ???

  51. oh…and something else. someone in the german responses asked if alex o’loughlin and other members of moonlight are informed about this campaign, too? they would be really happy to hear about it, i guess 🙂

  52. Anett (Norway) Says:

    Today 1 USD = 0,63 EUR (5562X0,63 = 3504,06 EUR) =))

  53. Regina Bachman Says:

    It is my pleasure to donate to The Red Cross in “Moonlights” name, i am
    sooo excited about this campain, Love my/our vampire Alex/Mick!!!!

  54. […] the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies.  If, like me, you are interested in participating – click here to donate.   I followed the link and donated directly to the American Red Cross.  Please be sure you put […]

  55. SANDRA AMES Says:


  56. Magdalena (Poland) Says:

    I was sooo glad to do something in the name of Moonlight as a part of the international group 🙂


  57. Sandra,

    Go up and follow the instructions for the donation. When you have them all, connect to the International Federation’s donation page, Te link is also up on this page. It is easy, and $25.00 is a great donation.

  58. Thanks for organizing this! Just made a donation, can think of no better way to mark the anniversary than to carry forward the humanity that is the essence of this show.

  59. Karen (Bianca33) Says:

    I just made my donation!! This a great way to do show our love for Moonlight, while helping those in need. Thanks for organizing this campaign!

  60. How can we figure out how many donations have been made?

  61. Ilianna, you have the information in this web site just below the ML account.

  62. This is an honorable way to keep the goodness of MOONLIGHT apparent across the world. I am glad that I could be a small part of this effort. Thanks to those of you who did such a good job organizing the campaign.

  63. I just made a donation to the Red Cross, and I have the receipt they sent thru my email – I made an important error – I did not see the part about the Company name until it was too late. I made the donation “in honor of” Moonlight – is there any way I can make this donation count towards the total at this point?

  64. MichaelC2B if you send us the confirmation email we could add the donation to the total ML account.

  65. Silcba, now that the anniversary has come and gone (sigh) will you be reporting on the grand totals from every country? I have to compliment you on the extraordinary job you have done with this campaign. Thanks again.

  66. I was excited about this campaign, but these numbers seem pretty dismal to me. I thought the MOONLIGHT fans would raise a lot moe than this. Am I not seeing the whole picture?

  67. Hi hows the campaign going, hope theres more than 158 donors – that won’t get moonlight back on!!

  68. Hi all,

    The results we have up to now are on the first page of this site. We are waiting for the official report from the American Red Cross, where many American fans donated, and from the Federation, as we think not everybody sent their confirmation messages. We need some time to get the real picture. Let’s wait a bit!

  69. Moonlightkitty Says:

    Hey everybody,

    here in GERMANY many lovely ML-fans donated for this great and wonderful campaign.
    Now we’re waiting for the final results, like you do!
    Hope there’ll be a second chance for our beloved MOONLIGHT!
    We want you to know that we’ll support you to bring us ML back on TV!!!

    Vampire solidarity!!!

  70. I am also waiting for the universal results .. as hn is closing our moonlight I am wondering how to find the results … are we to just keep checking in at this site ??

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