The acknowledgement letter from the Federation

The following is the acknowledgement letter from the Federation. They confirm USD 7160.- donations from Moonlight Fans :

The Australian Red Cross confirmation for USD 1000.-:

I am happy however to confirm that up until today, 1st October 2008, a total
of $1,000 has been raised collectively via online fundraising from your
website ( and donated to
Australian Red Cross.

Thanks so much for your support and good luck with your project!

Kind Regards

Teri O’Toole
National Major Projects & Business Development Manager
110 Goderich Street, EAST PERTH, WA 6004

We have confirm  USD 8160.- and we still waiting for the American Red Cross confirmation ( we could track 1892 USD.-)  the German Red Cross (we could track USD 584.44.-) the Spanish Red Cross ( we could track USD 107.45.-) and one donation to the Schweiz Red Cross for USD 44.07.-

Total Moonlight donation account: USD 10787.96.-

Moonlight en español

7 Responses to “The acknowledgement letter from the Federation”

  1. OK, now that we have done a fabulous job now what.

  2. Now we need to spread the word …on Monday all the addresses to send this important information in this web site

  3. Fantastic!
    I hope that Italian Red Cross send our donation 🙂

  4. Who’s sending out these letters and when does the ball get rolling. When shoud I expect to here about our campaign on my tv network.

  5. What’s happening here? Where is all the hupla on tv on the great job the Moonlight fans did? Did the letters go out? Where the Moonlight fans screwed out of their hard earned money?

  6. Of course we did, we started last week and posted the media and blogs addresses on to help all the fans to cooperate in the information campaign.
    We are also sending information about the bus ads ( still going) and opinions about Friday’s night ratings.
    If you want to cooperate please let us know to give you all the tools.

  7. […] y lograr la cantidad necesaria de gente para hacer impacto, – Informar sobre los eventos pasados: Campaña Cruz Roja Internacional, Bus ads,  la moda de los vampiros y los ratings de CBS ( se suma la cancelación de la serie […]

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