Moonlight account: campaign results

While we wait for the final report from the Federation, fans are still sending us the confirmation emails of their donations.

The Moonlight account is adding 1000.- from the Aussie fans fundraiser campaign, and our total today is:

  • Till 10/03/08  9048.55 USD plus 1000.- from Aussie fans: USD 10048.55.-

  • Fans has already made the donation 10/03/08: the donors are 161 plus 21 aussie fans: 182.-

  • We are waiting for the final report from the Federation to inform the media about the campaign results.


    16 Responses to “Moonlight account: campaign results”

    1. Wow, that’s awesome! Good job people!!

    2. May be we ‘ll have a surprise when final reports come ( don`t forget we are adding official certificates already). I wanna know how many people forgot to send us the validation email. We must wait for it to arrive.

    3. Moonlightkitty Says:

      I really hope that many people donated!!!
      They all should know that we don’t give up our beloved MOONLIGHT!
      And I hope too that we’ll have a surprise when the final reports arrive …

      It’s not too late to save MOONLIGHT!

    4. Wow! That’s wonderful! And yes, if you have not already or forgot — PLEASE FW your confirmation emails ASAP to they can be added to the totals!

      Thanks for EVERYONE around the globe who donated, for the Internationsal Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and all those they will help – and for bringing such worthy attention to our beloved MOONLIGHT and all our Mick St. John has taught us about giving back!

      Let this be a testament of all the good we can do now and in the future!

      Thank you all again so very much!

    5. Nva_gvup_Mick Says:

      Will there be a press release to publicize the campaign in honor of MOONLIGHT and such? Thx.

    6. There will be a final report from the Federation next week, and we will inform TPTB and the media. We must wait to do it in order to be the most serious as we can and to continue being deserves of fans trust.
      We would like to include the inform in the fans week J Silver and Nina mails, even to Viacom and to do it we need the confirmation from the Federation.

    7. Keeping my fingers crossed that the total is awesome and keeps moonlight in the publics eye.

    8. It’s October 8 are the final results in yet. We need to start spreading the the news.

    9. Moonlightkitty Says:

      And what about the donations from europe??? Are they included in this results standing on this page?

    10. Moonlightkitty Says:

      Please wait for the German donations – the German Red Cross needs a lot of time to debit the donations from our accounts …

    11. We still receiving donations mails, we know they took almost three weeks to debit them from the accounts, don´t worry…we are waiting to inform the final report..

    12. Yes, we have to do the right thing, especially in the name of worldwide fan trust. I have no problem waiting if it means an official confirmation from the Federation and a real all-inclusive total we can show to the world, include in all information we send – and to do all of Moonlight fandom proud!

      After all, Mick waited alot longer for Beth …what’s a few more days? : )

      Go worldwide Moonlight fans!!!

    13. We are waiting patiently.
      We need official reports not only from the International Federation but from the American and the German Red Crosses.
      Only adding the donations in all these sites to the official ones we have from the Australian fans will we know how much our fellow fans moved concertedly to draw attention to our beloved show.
      We hope the reports do not take too much longer.

    14. Waiting patiently. Please make sure our final results are sent to more than just Nina, Joel and Viacom. Please make sure it gets posted as promised to the media, producers and networks. Also it would be a good idea if we could let shows like Ellen, World News Tonight, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Entertaiment Tonight, etc. so they can announce it and let everyone know how truly dedicated we are to finding a network to bring Moonlight back. I want to make sure I hear it on my tv.

    15. Any new yet? Hey Nielsen is going down and it would be nice to be able to post what our worldwide contribution was.

    16. I’m sure we made it!! you could find the results in the front page..thanks

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